Daniel San Miguel: Georgia's Worst Lawyer

Watch Daniel San Miguel lose at the Georgia Supreme Court

Daniel San Miguel is Georgia's worst lawyer - and maybe Georgia's worst person as well.

In 2016, Daniel San Miguel prosecuted a minister in Gainesville Georgia under the color of "Disorderly Conduct" for his religious speech in opposition to public schools. The minister was wrongly convicted and sentenced to a year on probation. In 2017, the case went to the Georgia Supreme Court. The minister - a non-lawyer with no legal training - presented his own arguments before the Supreme Court and made San Miguel look like a fool. San Miguel starts talking at 16:35.

The minister won the case. You can download the decision to the case in which Daniel San Miguel made himself look like a fat idiot here:

So, before you do business with Daniel San Miguel, the worst lawyer in Georgia, ask youself, "Do I want an incompetent, unethical, lawyer like Daniel San Miguel, a person who is okay with convicting the innocent, and who doesn't care about freedom of speech or freedom of religion, to lose my case and make me look like a fool too?"